Information Technology

SAI’s Information Technology (IT) practice provides decision support to all business-critical functional areas. With a knowledge set spanning the traditional IT stack to the evolving Cloud universe, SAI’s analysts employ a unique skill set and framework to provide strategic and tactical insights aligned with our clients’ business critical needs.

Traditional IT Stack


At the top of the stack, the key IT Applications used throughout the world touch every industry. Whether the solution is ERP, CRM, SCM, or others, the SAI analyst team has the in-depth experience in all solutions across all industries; from retail to healthcare, from financial services to pharmaceuticals, from manufacturing to telecommunications.

Application Infrastructure

Application infrastructures are integrated technology platforms designed for uniformity and interoperability in support of applications and their development.  SAI’s experience spans applications and their supporting infrastructure, including both traditional and cloud middleware, for comprehensive market views.


IT systems, whether based on integrated or independent components, are part of SAI’s extensive experience in understanding system trends and developments in this increasingly complex and competitive market.


When coupled with the team’s extensive capabilities in telecommunications, the in-depth understanding and interrelationships of bandwidth, physical facilities (data centers) and hardware places SAI in the sweet spot to develop key insights for clients.

Cloud IT

Enterprises face more interaction than ever between internal and external devices, data and software. Social collaboration and marketing, mobile communications, connected devices, and a host of other evolving capabilities drive increasing amounts of data for analysis, while also requiring uplifts to security across all platforms, devices, software and data stores supporting the exchange of information.

SAI is intimately acquainted with the current and upcoming impact of these latest trends. With more disruptive forces and services than ever, businesses and vendors of all sizes are recasting themselves to maintain relevance while keeping pace with evolving market demand. We help navigate the changes, provide an understanding of long-term and short-term impacts, along with targeted guidance for future initiatives.


Cloud’s disruptive technological forces have changed the way that businesses of all sizes purchase and use application software. SAI’s extensive analysis of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and related markets provides the direction to build, enhance, invest and deliver software from the cloud. SAI analyzes and monitors the cloud application market to understand the latest offerings and  related adoption trends by companies of all sizes, as well as future markets.


SAI follows the cloud platform evolution from supporting infrastructure and systems to supporting application development and operations. PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service), and many other related technologies have shifted the way both enterprises and providers consume and sell application development and lifecycle management. SAI monitors this market for ongoing technological development and disruption, providing insights into market directionality.


The intensely competitive market for IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) has resulted in changes in strategy for all participants in the ecosystem. From startup to enterprise, infrastructure delivered from the cloud provides both benefits and challenges relative to sales consumption. SAI understands the dynamics and participants in the cloud marketplace, and provides insights in support of strategic and tactical planning.