SAI’s Telecommunications practice covers all areas of the industry hierarchy to provide decision support to all business-critical functional areas. With a knowledge set ranging from devices to networks to services, SAI’s analysts employ a unique skill set and framework to provide strategic and tactical insights aligned with our clients’ key business needs.


The advent of compound semiconductors led to the creation of a new generation of high-performance components, modules and devices which enabled new high capacity networks to be built. SAI’s knowledge of the market and technologies encompassing optical components, converters, amplifiers, and multiplexers, and others enables support for all clients’ planning needs.


A strong background in the component building blocks of current telecommunications networks extends SAI’s strong IT experience and knowledge of hardware and software. As switching systems have become software defined and other technologies alter the dynamics of this market, SAI supports the tactical and market needs of our clients.


SAI’s analyst team is deeply knowledgeable in the telecommunications space including key ecosystem participants such as service providers who offer both traditional network and cloud-based IT solutions. We understand the intricacies of the telecommunications market, including the challenges of disruptive technologies and compliance. SAI’s analyst team provides guidance to cover all types of services.